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the mod's wont do much but make it louder and idle rough...
I would wait to make sure it will last more than a month without needing thousands in just maint. before planning a bunch of mods
it's old...things will break

can't say you could make a better decision in buying it though hehe I am quite partial!
I will be using a shrick cam in mine too most likely...let us know how you like it, my hope is that it will still run just as smooth as they arent too horribly aggressive, however one can never be too careful with these cars. I would get the car and wait - see what it really NEEDS and then start the mod process once you know it is up to snuff

make sure it has not been overheated etc. they like to run hot (at least both of mine have) My odometer is broken too lol (so is my temp gauge...sometimes)I have NO idea how many miles are actually on it, I assume something like 400k considering the way it runs...mine is the classic case of perfect body and thrashed motor

considering body work is out of my league it was perfect for me...currently rebuilding a donor motor for it Got some sport seats I am going to re-upholster etc. lots of odd's and end's to work on.

Make sure all your electrical options, seats, sunroof, fog lights...silly things that will show you the last owner took good care of it and took the time and bothered with the minor adds up!

Oh and most importantly...POST PICS!
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