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Thought I'd go ahead and add what I use regarding oil and filter. I'm also including a photo of the "Engine Oil" page from my owner's manual. I've got a '97 328i (M52B28) and what I find interesting is there are only two oil recommendations in my manual. 5W-30 for 10C/50F and below, 15W-40 for -10C/7F and above.

Where I live the tempurature is typically mild year round. Rarely does it drop below 10F or get above 90F. I'm sitting at 133,000 miles, which I consider high mileage but only mildly so. I understand that it's not just the amount of miles, but the type of miles those have been. I'm not even going to get into all that regarding my case for the sake of arguement, and just say they are an "average" 133,000 miles. Really I don't know what kind of miles they were, cause I just bought this car.

Okay so anyway, what I've decided to go with and am currently running is Mobil 1 Delo 15W-40. Yes Delo is a diesel-spec oil, however it IS safe to use and in many cases can be considered superior. Frankly though, that real reason I'm using Delo is because standard 15W-40 is not available anywhere locally for me, in either Synthetic or mineral. 5W-30 is but I am not comfortable using that light of oil taking into consideration the miles and my style of driving.

As for my choice of filter? Okay many of you are going to frown upon my choice, but I am currently running a Fram. -cringes- Be gentle...'s pretty much the only thing available in my area, and cost me $17... :/


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