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Official "HPFP" Questions and Answers thread ("Engine Failure — Reduced Power" error)

In an effort to plug the proliferation of high-pressure fuel pump (aka "HPFP") posts, we are going to build a single Q&A post that will help by objectively answer all of the questions. This post will be updated regularly with new factual information as we learn more about the issue. As we intend to keep this non-opinionated, this thread will be closed to general membership comments. However, I encourage forum members to send me (Emission) a PM as information becomes available or they want answers to new questions posted. Please feel free to PM me both questions and answers. I will edit for clarity and then add them to this post (I will give you credit for your submission):

What is the HPFP?

The "HPFP" is the common abbreviation for the "high-pressure fuel pump" used on BMW's direct-injected "N54" 3.0-liter twin-turbo inline-six powerplant. (Submitted by Emission)

Why is everyone concerned about the HPFP?

The HPFP has had a very high number of failures over the past few years. When the HPFP fails, the vehicle must be returned to the dealership (towed or driven while in "limp mode") for a replacement HPFP. In many cases, this requires an overnight stay... or worse. (Submitted by Emission)

What vehicles use the HPFP?

All direct-injection vehicles (from many manufacturers, not just BMW) use a HPFP, but the HPFP in question is found in the following BMW vehicles:

E90 Sedan 335i
E91 Touring 335i
E92 Coupé 335i
E93 Convertible 335i
E60 Sedan 535i
E61 Touring 535i
E82 Coupé 135i
E88 Convertible 135i
F01 Sedan 740i
BMW X6 xDrive35i
BMW Z4 sDrive35i

(Submitted by Emission)

What happens if my HPFP goes out?

The "Check Engine" light will illuminate (see image below), and your engine will run at significantly reduced power. (Submitted by Emission)

Does BMW have a fix for the HPFP issue?

Not yet. BMW has released a replacement pump with a part number ending in -943. The replacement pump may solve the problem. However, until there is actual field experience with the replacement part, there is no way to know if the -943 part is the definitive fix to the HPFP issue. (Submitted by anE934fun)

What are the symptoms of a failing HPFP?

- Long crank before the engine turns over (slow start)
- Check Engine light illuminates
- Car runs rough, and has reduced power

(Submitted by Emission)

Will my car stop running if the HPFP fails?

The engine should continue to run, but roughly and at reduced power. You will still likely be able to drive home or to the dealer. Driving in this condition will not harm the engine. (Submitted by MrBones)

What has BMW done about the HPFP? Is there an extended warranty?

BMW has addressed the issue and will cover the HPFP for 10 years/120,000-miles under warranty (above and beyond the standard 4 year/50,000-mile limited New Vehicle warranty). The 2007-2009 E9x models are included. A copy of the warranty letter is below. (Submitted by Bcube)

How do consumers lodge an official complaint with the NHTSA?

As is the case with any potential safety issue involving a vehicle, residents of the U.S. may submit a case to the Office of Defects Investigation, operated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (a Department of Transportation agency). The URL is: (Submitted by ddutch)

How do I contact BMW with questions about my HPFP?

Your local dealer should be able to help you. If not, BMW of North America may be reached at (800) 831-1117. (Submitted by ddutch)

Do the new N55 motors have the HPFP?

We don't know. The N55 has a single turbo, and will have a HPFP... but it has no history yet.

What causes the HPFP to fail?

The part may have been engineered poorly, or there may be something breaking it down it in the operating environment (heat, fuel, vibration, etc...). There has been a lot of speculation about fuel type (alcohol content?), driving style, vehicle type, etc... but nobody has been able to put a finger on it. (Submitted by KHarney)

If I have my N54 "chipped" is this more likely to cause the HPFP to fail?

Unlikely. Owners both with and without aftermarket tuning have had their HPFP fail. In fact, it doesn't seem to matter if you have a manual or automatic transmission or how hard you drive the vehicle. (Submitted by Emission)

I heard rumors that BMW was asking for dealers to return certain HPFPs?

So did we. In fact, we found this bulletin (dated 18 Feb, 2010) online:

BMW Parts Bulletin
TEC8E High Pressure Pump Return

Please return your inventory of the following part number(s):
13 51 7 592 881

Stock must not be sold or installed on any vehicle.

This part number will be flagged as non-returnable March 18, 2010.

Return the part(s) to your facing Regional Distribution Center (RDC). Submit for returning using YR26 Damage claim with order reason BM2. A valid BMW delivery and delivery item number must be entered and TEC8E must appear in the text of your TEC claim.

TEC8E is valid from February 17, 2010 through March 3, 2010.
The deadline for filing claims under TEC8E is March 3, 2010. All parts must be returned to your facing RDC no later than March 17, 2010.

Current inventory is on freeze and being cleared. Please reorder using part number 13 51 7 594 943.

Part number 13 51 7 592 881 will be non-returnable once the TEC has ended.

Your current inventory must be returned!

What is the latest news from BMW on the HPFP?

As of August 3, 2010:

BMW has extended the emissions warranty coverage period to 10 years or 120,000 miles, whichever comes first, on these vehicles in all 50 States. This emissions warranty extension is on-file with the Environmental Protection Agency and listed as a Voluntary Emissions Recall, #10E-W01. If the HPFP fails during the extended warranty coverage period, BMW will replace it with a newer-production version.

Newer N55-powered BMW models, as well as the 740i/Li, built from March 2010 on use the latest HPFP and are not affected.

Customers who experience long starting times or notice the Service Engine Soon lamp should contact an Authorized BMW Center to schedule a service appointment. Customers with further questions should contact BMW Customer Relations at 1-800-831-1117 or email

(Submitted by Emission)

Please submit more answers/questions to Emission via PM.
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