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I have a Blackberry Tour that the dealer paired with my 2010 535xi. Worked perfectly for two weeks.
This weekend it stopped certain functions. Before, the phone transferred all contacts with no problems. I could use voice command, idrive or steering wheel button to make a call. It would work over the speaker/mic system with no worries. Now, I can use voice command to select a contact and when I command it to call, it just doesn't do anything. If I use idrive to make a call and click on a contact, nothing happens. Same with steering wheel button. Additionally, if a call comes in, I can't accept it via idrive or steering wheel. I have to hit accept on the phone. Same with making a call. I hit the call button on the phone and then it switches over to the cars mic/speakers.
The dealer said the phone is not compatible. If that is case then why did it work for the first two weeks? They also said i shouldn't use it or I void any warranty. But they are the ones that paired the phone in the first place.
My phone stopped working with the car perfectly this weekend after my buddy also paired his iphone with the car. I think it interrupted something in the system.
I took his out but my phone still won't work completely.
I don't think the service guys really understand the system.

Maybe resetting the hard drive?

Any thoughts?
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