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BMW 528E Starting Problems

My Bmw 528e 1988 was running very well until 4 weeks ago. It was parked outside for about 8 hours at about - 30 degree centigrade. I do not usually plug the car . Anyway it refused to start that day. The engine cranked well but it refused to catch. Eventually the battery power was gone and I had to trickle charge the battery for about eight hours.

Next morning it started quite well but ran very rough. After some time the roughness improved and I could drive the car home. I thought that the battery was the problem and it was replaced. After the replacement of the battery the engine started but ran very rough. I tried to take the car for a drive but I could not go for more than 200 feet when it died on me. However, I was able to restart the car only to die again almost immediately. I had to have the car towed to my mechanic who replaced the sparkplugs and the air filter.

The problem continued and I had to take the car to a second mechanic who again replaced the sparkplugs saying that the other sparkplugs were not the right type along with the distributor. The car continued to give the same problem and this time the camshaft sensor was changed. This did not improve the situation.

The rough starting and driving is intermittent in nature. Sometimes the car starts well and runs very well. At least once or twice while it was running quite well it lost its power and the check engine light came on with rough running. The problem is intermittent and I do not know what can be done to correct it. I deeply appreciate any advice and help.
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