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Originally Posted by bcool View Post
Asaseaban you most definitely have great discernment/insight. As you probably noticed, I tried to have as much patience as possible and try my best to defend BMW as my 1/28/10 11:52pm posting indicates not all 7's are having this issue. Thanks for wisdom/insight...much appreciated!

As of last friday I had to place a call to the service manager Kevin as to what time we are meeting the Regional Tech Mgr on saturday. Kevin tells me he is not coming to vancouver b/c he had to go to toronto. But instead they test drove yet another car with 18" wheels and it is doing the exact thing with the vibration. THerefore he tells me b/c few other cars to SOME extent are having the same issue..this is a 'non fixable issue/problem' !?!?!??!!?! The service manager stated that I am the only one who has this issue YET I got am email this morning with someone in Vancouver w same issue at the same dealership for some time now. !?!?! When I asked service manager Kevin IF he would accept this vibration if it was his car..he replied "no I would not". Enough said?

BMW Canada customer relation(Dan) calls few hours later and tells me we will no longer try to fix your vehicle and apologizes b/c they found other cars that has same issue!?!?!? This is based on service manager/Regional Tech Mgr conclusions. They offered few thousand dollars as compensation. Huh ??????
I responded that it is of no relevance if 50 cars are having this problem...fix mine or replace it or refund and that BMW should figure this out on THEIR OWN time not mine as my car sits for close to 90 straight days. Also, unacceptable as I just test drove Li and iX and they were smooth. Customer rep replies that those are different vehicles!?!?! I state that the demo car I test drove(Li) was very smooth before I took deliver my 750i. Is it not reasonable to expect similiar standard on the car I take delivery on? His tone of voice if how dare I expect my brand new 750i to ride as smooth as those cars as they are not the same car!?!?! Dan cuts me off and says thank you for your time and HANGS UP on me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My lawyer tells me to continue to document everything and continue to press BMW and if they continue this bad public customer relations which they can ill afford....then lawsuit is inevitable. How does BMW expect a customer to continue to drive a car that shimmy/vibrates is beyond my understanding.

Feska and Faisabdulla..I can only hope/pray that you are NOT having the exact same issue as I am.
Thanks for everyone for your encouragement!! I will surely keep you posted what transpires.
This denial of BMW sounds like the makings of another Toyota PR nightmare. As Asaseaban indicated, BMW needs to own up whenever there appears to be a defect/problem. Clearly being denied the use of your brand new car(close to 90 days in shop?) is unacceptable!
Expecting the car to be free of this issue is inherit right of any new car owner. This is such bad customer relations and I am a bit shocked that it is coming from a car company such as BMW.
Keep up the fight bcool and DO NOT accept anything short of full satisfaction.
Good luck!
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