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add another X5 to this list

I also just "discovered" the oil separator problem after mine died on monday. it hadn't been run all weekend long after an unusual cold snap here in Virginia. i drive it daily 30-45 minutes each way to work at up to highway speeds.

fortunately the car died about 50 yards from the house. i had started it and let it run for 10-15 minutes while i cleaned the snow. after turning out of the driveway it just died. would not start and had it towed to a local non-dealer "german car specialist" garage.

got the word back today that the engine had hydrolocked, it is likely a oil separator problem and it had oil in at least one cylinder. they took measurements to see if any indication of bent/broken rods, before proceeding with anything else. at least there seems to be no damage there. the shop manager forwarded the SIB bulletin of what appears to be a known problem.

i called BMWNA customer service. the guy looked up my VIN and said "sorry, car is out of warranty". he said that although the SIB had been distributed, it did not indicate a "known problem" and that bulletins were just sent out to help educate dealers.

i asked if BMW was willing to help with any of the repair costs of a known problem and he said that since the car was at a non-dealer garage that they wouldn't even consider it. he said to talk to my dealer about transferring the car first and then BMW might be able to assist.

i hate the thought of moving my car in it's current condition and taking away business from the current garage, but have been reading all evening about the potential bills for repairs due to the oil separator problem...anywhere from a $1k for cleaning/replacing fouled parts up to entire engine exchanges.

this seems like much more than a minor X5 issue on a few vehicles, it seems to be common knowledge on most if not all BMWs. why has it gone on for so long with no acknowledgment/recall from BMW?
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