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Originally Posted by aiwapro View Post
I'm saving all of this info. from people with the issue, so that I can take mine into the dealer. Did this Mechatronics replacement resolve all issues with the transmission: Do you have any quick shifts while accelerating from 0, the flatness around the 40 mph mark I assume is gone, and finally, do you having any jerkiness when decelerating to 0?
Couldn't tell you as car is sitting in my garage waiting for part to come in at dealer...LOL They assure me that this will take care of the problem and I do really feel that it is probably the electronics. If something was actually wrong with the gear cog it would do it whenever the car was in 5th. Plus they just had the tranny pan out of the car to replace it and there was just the typical muck stuck to the filter. No unusual metal shavings etc. I will be sure to update the board on my results after the replacement. Should be late next week.

I've only experienced the 3 to 2 slam you refer to 3 times in the 20,000 miles that I've owned the car.

I think having a good relationship with your dealer is pretty important with issues like this. I pretty much do all minor stuff myself (brakes, oil change etc) but bring car to dealer for major stuff. The PO also got all service done at the same dealership I go to. Keep in mind that it's just as frustrating for the tech diagnosing the car as it is for you. Saying it is happening and actually getting it to do it when the tech is driving are 2 different things. Also, like I said earlier, a code that the car throws is also very valuable for the tech or SA to discuss the problem with the BMWNA hotline.

BMWNA has to know that this is an issue with these. There is so much talk about it across the X5's, 7's and our 5's. At a minimum the transmission slam is a huge issue now we have this issue gaining ground. I guess though, if they acknowledge that it is a problem across the ZF6, then they are going to have to extend the same goodwill to everyone and they can't selectively warranty.
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