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Originally Posted by petros2r View Post
I've been doing a lot of research lately on the purchase of a radar detector. This valentine one radar detector looks pretty promising, but the new Passport 9500 has an upgradeable GPS which tells you where the speed cameras (etc.) are. ALSO - I've heard of such a radar detector that scrambles the laser code to the point that it can't tell your speed. And if the "We'll pay your ticket" part is true???
What's your preference? Any input would be nice.
Radar scrambles are a joke. It is against the law to sell/own one in the USA. Go to this site and read what Radar Roy has to say about them. He is an ex-cop you test all radar detectors out there.

His # 1 picks are the Escort Redline, and #2 the Passport Escort 9500ix.

I have the 9500ix and it is awsome. No...and I mean no false alarms. Once you drive around you city a bit it knows where all the false signels are and locks them out. When my 9500ix go's off...I know its the real deal.

If you dont mind a lot of false signels then get the Escort Redline. It can see a lot futher then then V1, but Roy only recommends it if you do a lot of highway traveling.

Stick with the 9500ix. My buddy had a V1 and after I got my 9500 he switched to escort. He said the false signel filter was way better, and by that there is no guessing. we did some test too with his V1 vs 9500. no comparison...get the 9500ix.

Not saying the V1 is bad, but this day in age you need the GPS. V1 is and anolog player in a digatal world...obsolete

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