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Originally Posted by Randy Forbes
It would be nice to know what those engine numbers really mean.
The 6 prefix remains constant but the next three numbers seem to count down (though Al's doesn't follow this) while the last four numbers count up.
Looking at what Ron posted and by what I've seen before, the 3 digits (serial #) after the assembly line designator start over for each production day. So the 3 digits that really tell when an engine was manufactured (& whether it's newer or older than another) are the 2nd set of 3 after the factory designator. Just a guess that these 3 numbers correspond to a successive production run day of a specific coded engine or possibly a production day at a specific factory & not a code for a day/month/year. BMW would be able to find the month, day & year from checking their "secret" records and seeing that the 463 production day run of a particular S54 was whenever, but we wouldn't have a clue. I think today's manufactuers don't want us to easily find out when specific parts are made anymore so we can't say, hey I've got an engine or part that was made the same time frame of these others they're having problems with and then go to the dealer or hire a class action product liability attorney... So they've moved to this type of coding for their production lines.

So looking at the posted numbers with my interpretation:

Dale---6 103 2493 LJ80138 04/01
Ron----6 104 2493 LK60049 05/01
Al------6 120 2514 LJ80291 06/01
Randy--6 086 2554 LJ80510 08/01

Dale & Ron's engines were made next to each other on the same production day (493). Al's was the 104th produced on the 514th production day. Yours #86 on the 554th production day. So yours would be the newest & Dale's & Ron's the oldest of the group. You need to get some engine numbers off the bad engines and try and compare them to the last set of 3 numbers to see if any of you guys are close to the suspect lot...
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