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Originally Posted by AntDX316 View Post
Just get a Blackberry Bold or iPhone 3GS. Get your number transferred and contacts imported along with your email account and it should work perfectly.
Correct, but not exactly useful advice. The phone is for her corporate business use on a 2 year contract with too much time left; it is on a different carrier, and ATT (for the iPhone) has crappy coverage in our area and has huge gaps on the freeway where she has to drive regularly, and she has no need for email so a BB is overkill. The point was simply to point out that we are unable to get a W755 to work in the 535i even though it is claimed to be compatible on BMW's compatibility list.

While you are correct that getting a phone that works would fix the problem (seems obvious), such advice is like responding to someone who says their 528 won't start and you advise them to go get a 750 instead.

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