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Originally Posted by jblanchard View Post
I"m looking into a turbo build on my 328. i have some parts and pieces put together but I"m pretty skeptical about running lean and wrecking everything. what did you use for a turbo, injectors, tuning, ect.? Any advice you could give me would be great. I have found one place for tuning and they want me to buy there kit, there exhaust, they have to install it ect. considering i work at a bmw dealer as a tech. i would kind of like to do it myself.
You're OBDII, check out Technique Tuning, or convert to OBDI.

I'm using a Turbonetics 50 trim, just rebuilt, stage 3 wheel, the one in my avatar.
Ford green top 42# injectors
TRM remote tune (from the website below)

Also, go to, really good guys there and a nice setup.

You can learn anything and everything from here

And doing it yourself is the best! You learn so much and apprectiate it way more!

Originally Posted by jblanchard View Post
thats my issue, the tuning. i cant find anything to use to tune it or find a chip. what did you use for an exhaust and maf?, or TRM tunes are the best for OBDI.

Check the thread man, we're making a 3" turbo back exhaust, flowmaster turbo muffler, and a resonator.

Porsche 803 3.5" MAF

Originally Posted by bimmerbarbie View Post
Wait a minute. I read the initial post, proud? And how could you come to New Orleans without letting us locals know?!
Proud of? And yea, my third trip, sorry Amber

Originally Posted by stang_me1990 View Post
what y aplan on doing for the drain from the turbo? supposed to be a straight of a shot as possible from the bottom of the turbo to the pan, you dont want it to pool in the drain and start to clog. also your filter is going to be a mess underthere so i would try to find an outerwear for it. your inlet is going to be in a dangerous spot under the front carriage like that, watch for ground clearance.
The drain will be at the top of the oil pan. I know all about this.

And what filter? There is no filter under the frame?

The inlet is a little low, but wait for finished pics, you'll see. It will raise with the suspension, making it not as bad. But you're right, it's not ideal, but I want to keep A/C.
Turbo Build Here

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