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Intercooler, in these pictures you can see the new ends welded on, one side 2.5", the other 3" Don does nice tig work, I wish I could tig And I wish I had access to one so I could learn how to.

Dirty engine bay/manifold shot, everything is almost back together.

More engine bay shots. Waiting the the throttle body to be tigged up, then it can be started.

Mhhmmmmm, the exhaust turned out sick.

Yes I had to hack at my valance, but I'm going to clean it up, and eventually get a M3 bumper, so it won't matter anyway.

Intercooler looks crooked here, but it isn't tightened down yet. It's straight in the other pics.

Oil drain hole drilled and tapped, then the fitting was threaded with JB Weld.

And installed

And again.

Turbo in it's final position.

Exhaust porn

Wastegate placement, and plumbing.

And one of my favorite parts

I've never seen anyone do this, many guys leave it in the engine bay, or glovebox, ect. So I thought I would be different. It looks stock and very clean. I love it!

Please ignore my sh!tty a$$ interior. I will be swapping it all to black sometime.

So cliff is:

Finished all of the exhaust

Mounted intercooler

Engine is all but buttoned up

Interior is done and back together

Wastegate is plumbed and mounted

All gauges are done

O2 sensor and Wideband installed

Boost controller is finished

So what's left is intercooler/intake piping

Catch can

Little things that I'll remember later.

Comments/tips appreciated and welcome fellas!

Oh, and btw, boost FTDKW!
Turbo Build Here

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