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Originally Posted by AlboBMW View Post
Yeah, but it brings reality home: I want to speed but the cops say No no no. It means, next time I'm pulled over = ticket. hence the sad emoticon.

I need to research if we have tracks in OK, where I can get my speed fix. My beef is with purposeless slowing down. If it's a nice long HW with no houses, and not a lot of traffic I see no need in doing 45mph, when 65 is perfectly safe.

If it beast what the cops have, then it should be illegal, but it's not illegal so I doubt it works. Like trick said, he got pulled over with a V1.
Originally Posted by AlboBMW View Post
I misread your quote.

The state trooper log their warnings, I think, cuz the guy told me next time it's a ticket. But I got a warning a month ago from a city cop. So I don't know. The point is simple, don't speed, that's why I need to find a track. I'm sure there are some.
Yeah, I guess it varies state to state.
Low Enforcement = High Fines
Heavy Enforcement = Low Fines
For me, there arn't enough troopers on the highway for me to consider getting a v1. My city is crawling with cops though. They have wayy too many, they dont need that many..

My ticket was only $150, and my insurance went up only like $5 bucks...
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