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Originally Posted by Solidjake View Post
wrong, it saved my ass so many times i could lease a ferrari
However, coming from a state with low speed limits and itchy fingered police where radar detectors actually are illegal, there is a lot that can be said for driving like a long distance rally driver.

Checking all points around you, being generally aware of what is going on on all four of your sides at all times, aware of where police can sit, and able to quickly identify vehicles that can be police officers. I generally don't speed excessively, and when I do its not for long periods of time. I usually average 5-15 over with the general flow of traffic and have never gotten a ticket, only a spoken warning once, and that was the 325i, not the M3.

Being hyper-aware of your surroundings does a lot for accident avoidance IMO as well. I've only done one brief track session but I feel like the experience was enough to change how I drive on the street and make me able to notice potential problems a lot earlier and compensate for them.
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