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If only there were a way to find out what features would be different for the 2010 model year before you purchase the car.... That sucks that you're not satisfied with your new purchase -- I'm all for getting your money's worth (especially when it's $50k) -- but let's look at what you're saying here. I'm sure you'll get over the flashlight thing and the missing nets/pockets. My 2008 has seatback pockets that never get used, I never got (and don't really see much use for) bungee nets in the trunk, and the flashlight is a tiny piece of junk. Maybe it's because mine isn't the fancy rechargeable one, but you can get a $10 mini MagLite and replace the 2 AA batteries once every two years (if not less often -- how often do you really use the flashlight from your glove box??). The Logic7 has been gone for some time now, I'm surprised the sales associate didn't tell you or it didn't tell you on the website. I bet the dealer would have let you test out a car in the lot that didn't have it. You're going to call BMW USA and complain because of a bungee net, headrests, and a $3 flashlight? Really? I can see being "totally appalled" with getting screwed out of something, but I'm guessing you're either overreacting or you need to borrow a dictionary and look that word up. Who knows, you might have the one car that slipped through the cracks at Quality Assurance and I'm completely wrong here, but personally I would just appreciate the fact that I just bought a really nice car that I had to wait a long time for.

Why'd you get rid of the 2007? Did you have problems with it?
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