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Originally Posted by therajman View Post
they had the audacity to tell me that I should have thoroughly examined a 2010 showroom floor model BEFORE placing my order.
A few things come to mind:

1. Sorry that you're not happy--that really sucks and I hope it changes with time.

2. I hope the build quality issue is just a feeling you have--I doubt BMW changed major components or things like metal or seal thickness but they may have done so to shave costs. That's a really interesting observation on your part and I hope you elaborate.

3. To be fair, if you're buying a $50k car, you really should look at the one on the floor, find out for yourself what the differences are, and generally be informed about the purchase.

4. Unfortunately, BMW has to cut costs when the dollar is weak against the Euro. Around the time your 07 was built, the USD was ~E0.80. When your 2010 was built, the USD was between E0.67 and E0.70. That's a huge difference. In general, beware of a product that remains unchanged in USD when the equivalent in the manufacturing/HQ country becomes much less. Something's gotta give, and it's usually quality, features, or service.
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