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Originally Posted by therajman View Post
I Just took delivery of my 2010 335i 2 days ago. This car was ordered in mid-December 2009. The options I got are Premium package, Sport package, Cold Weather package & Navigation System. The car set me back just about $50K.

My previous car with a 2007 335i with the same config but was missing the Nav.

The difference in the 2 cars is significant. The 2007 was a MUCH better car. In terms of quality, solidity and features. I just cannot get over the fact that the new car seems to be cheaper in build.

I am totally appalled at the features that have been yanked!!!

Seatback pockets gone - where to store stuff in the back - there is NO storage anywhere

Ashtray gone - I don't smoke but where to store change?

Ashtray power outlet moved to a very inconvenient location under the glove box!

Rechargeable flashlight gone!

Ability to use an adapter in the flashlight receptacle to get a 2 power outlets gone!

Cargo net hooks in the trunk gone - I regularly used the cargo net, now what do I do with my existing cargo net? Maybe I will send it to BMW as a gift!

Wiper Arms - cheap, flimsy looking spindly arms that do not do a BMW justice - the ones on the 2007 were solid! These ones are pretty sad

Seatbelt height adjusters gone! How does a short/tall driver adjust the seatbelt position?

Headrests modified to the point that they don't sit flush with the seat, rather remain at 1st notch. And they don't move forward and backward any more!

Seats - seem to be less padding and generally more uncomfortable!

Sound System - downgraded to a pathetic system that sounds like it is in a cardboard box. Sound clips at high volume. Weak bass. No oomph. Cannot hear the radio at max volume when sunroof and windows are open. The 2007 had the 10-speaker Professional system. This car has what appears to be a 4 (or 6?) speaker system. BMW has to be kidding. How can they justify this pathetic stereo in a $50K car? Of course I was not aware of the downgrade when I ordered the 2010. My sales rep was not either. I found out when I picked up the car and was driving home. Had I known when I placed the order, at least I would have opted for the upgraded sound system. I drive a lot and I like my music. My wife's Cayenne S has a stellar Bose system. The 335i system is like a boom box next to it. Disgusting that BMW can do this and get away with it. It is actually deceitful!

Handling - the 2010 335i does not feel as secure and as confident as the 2007. It seems lighter somehow. Feels more skittish and less poised on curves but that could be because the tires are still new and not broken into. I will report more on the handling after a few thousand miles.

I called customer relations. They promptly threw the dealership/my sales assassociate under the bus stating that these were "sales" issue and not "production or design" issues and they had the audacity to tell me that I should have thoroughly examined a 2010 showroom floor model BEFORE placing my order. They just gave me a bunch of baloney about "we reserve the right to make whatever feature changes we see fit....yada yada yada!" It is obvious that BMW does not really care about customer service/relationship otherwise they would NEVER have done this.

I wish I could give the car back. I cannot replace the stereo without voiding the warranty on the entire iDrive system. I know that BMW wont do anything. They simply don't care. So I am stuck with these missing features. That makes me feel cheated.

Am I the only one that has noticed these items? Is there anyone else out there that has comments on this?

A few comments:

1) the hooks in the trunk cost about 20 bucks and you can order them from Tischler. I have to say that this deletion, along with the seat back nets, is just mind blowing for being so chintzy.

2) The seats are largely unchanged. I suggest the issue here is just getting used to a new car.

3) The headrest thing reflects new safety standards and active headrests. That change probably cost BMW quite a lot of money. It was hardly a cost cutting maneuver.

4) If you want more power points (other than the two that are already in the front cabin) this is easy to add. There is a mod at E90post. I agree that putting a power point under the glovebox is pretty dumb.

5) If you look in your armrest you will notice a few slots near where the cup holder used to be. Those are coin holders. Personally, I just keep a baggy filled with quarters in the glovebox for parking and such.

6) Many of us (myself included) think the new open cubby is pretty useful.

7) I seriously doubt the handling is different or that the car is less solid overall. I again suggest that might be about getting used to a new car.

Don't be mad a me for saying this, but I partially agree with BMW. If you are going to buy a new car, you should educate yourself about all the features that are available. Before I bought my new car, I made an effort to find out about everything that was added or subtracted from the previous model year. Changes do occur from year to year, and it is not like they made any effort to hid those changes from you.

Oh, and just so you know, there are few other items that you didn't notice. Open up your hood, and you'll notice the sound insulator pad is gone. You will also notice the "REST" button on the HVAC controls has been replaced by "ALL."

I am sorry the first few weeks of a your new car have been a downer.
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