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There have been countless posts here (and on some other forums) about the differences in the versions. Had you made your homework, you would not be running back here, crying oh how bad BMW is... That's what showrooms are for and if next time you go in one of those planning on purchasing $50k car, please make sure that the functionality you use most is there... When you are at it, you may also check if BMW equips their cars with all 4 wheels... (or was it 5 in '07?)... I really do not get it, how did you buy this car? After looking at it in the catalog? And that can't be true, as the new 3-series catalog shows both the interior and exterior accurately. Quit whining, you bought it, you are a big boy, it is entirely your fault...

Ps. Do you think that if you have driven a '67 'vette and go into one of the Chevy dealers planning on purchasing a brand spanking new Z06, do you expect those to be the same? Please...

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