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Originally Posted by Fudman View Post
VANOS does not typically throw a code. Concur with others to get the codes read first.
For the record, this seems to be a bigger problem on bimmerforums and on bimmerwerks than on bimmerfest ...
- Multiple Cylinder Misfire With Fuel Cut-off
- Misfire Cylinder 4 With Fuel Cut-off
Diagnosing 540i Misfires - P1347 P1353 P1355 P1357 P1341
-Random Misfire,fuel cut off,start up Help!!!!
- cylinder misfire fuel cut off
- Need help codes p1341 , p1343, p1345, p1349
- Multiple "misfire with fuel cut off" codes
- etc.

Am reading, one by one ... to see what intelligence I can glean from these ... If I haven't reported back, that indicates I'm still dumbfounded.
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