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here's the thing i see, you have a misfire, and fuel cut off. what caused the misfire to occur?
1--bad fuel
2==trash or gunk in fuel
3---oil leaking onto spark plug due to bad spark plug valve cover seals
4---head gasket leak, or cracked block, wetting the spark plug
5---fouled out, broke tip, or worn plugs
6==coil pack, or coil pack boot going bad, or is bad
7---bad 02's, pre, or post or all 4
8---bad maf
9---leaking or bad, pour spraying injector
10---crack ring
11---cps==cam shaft sensor
12==cps----crankshaft, but won't cause misfire.
13---bad ground wires.
14--- bad fuse or relay
15---bad wireing
16--- very, very rare===dme, or ecu has gone bad.
17--intake manifold gasket leak
18--ccv--aka pcv
19--icv--idle control valve
20--tps==throttle position sensor

to figure out exactly why you had the misfire, you need a much better scan tool than the basic one, to find out the exact source.
as to why the fuel cut off, like i said, it's neccerssary to keep greater damage from happeing, but to take it more in. when the cylinder doesn't fire and you drive around, the fuel is cut off.
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