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Originally Posted by asaseaban View Post
One of the reason(s) why i'm pushing bcool to make this a legal issue is that it's the only way BMW Canada, BMW NA, and BMW HQ in Munich will get to know about this vibration problem. If the dealership statement that "...there're other F01/02 experiencing the same vibration problem..." then BMW HQ OUGHT to be aware of this and jump on the issue before it's too late.

By now we're all aware of what has happen to Toyota. After almost a year of denial and blaming the problem on stuck floor mat, they've admitted there is a major problem and have recall 8 million Toyota vehicles. Not only will this recall affect their safety reputation, it'll drive away some of their loyal customers and also affect their Q2 earnings drastically (somewhere in the ball park of 2 billion or more).

Right now, the local BMW dealership and the regional manager is playing games with bcool and i GUARANTEE you BMW Canada, BMW NA, and BMW HQ leadership are not even aware of this vibration problem that seems to be going on with some of the F01/02 and how bcool car has being in the shop for 90 days plus and still making payments on it.

In summary, the ONLY way to resolve this issue is to force BMW HQ to start investigating the vibration problem on the F01/02 and it may take the court/legal system to open this case up to get BMW HQ attention. Hopefully, BMW is learning a lesson from Toyota and will not make the same mistake.

Just incase BMW try to settle the case, please make sure part of the settlement includes BMW agreeing to investigate the vibration problem. That's the least you could do for all F01/02 owners out there. Just my personal thought, btw.
Originally Posted by sunny_j View Post
any new updates bcool?
Originally Posted by greg1 View Post
Well said asaeban. Really seems like the service manager etc.. are playing games indeed. How long have they had your car now? 100 days? Any updates bcool?
Originally Posted by Ian_L View Post
Many years ago I got the same treatment at the hands of Renault in relation to a mis-fire after three attempts to fix the problem according to UK consumer law I can ask for a full refund as the car is not fit for purpose.

On the third attempted fix the service manager said he can get an identical model to do the same so in his eyes there is no fault, I then asked him for this in writing stating that Renault cars have a mis-fire built into the normal running of the engine, the look I got was priceless.

About 1 hour later Renault customer service were on the phone and I got the car replaced for a new model, cs agent told me the dealership was in the crap cos they did not tell Renault technical about the problem apparently there was a fix available but they decided for some reason to not inform them or carry it out.

Don't give up bcool keep records and hit them with everything.
Originally Posted by fabgreg View Post
Just read your post and I have a similar story. I purchased my 750 Li and got it delivered at the end of August 09. After driving about 1 week I noticed the vibration. I took it to the dealer, they verified and said there were defective tires and changed a couple. Still the issue persisted. It was back in the shop again they changed another tire, I'll get the car back and still the same issue. By this time the car was in the shop on numerous occasions and I did believe it was a tire issue, so wasn't really worried. When I purchased, I got 2 sets of rims and tires, one for summer and one for winter. So It was starting to get cold and I decided to not have them mess with it again because I was assuming when I put the winter set on the problem would be solved. Well, In November that was done and still the same issue. That's when I got concerned. There is definitely not a rim or tire issue. The vibration occurs bet 55-65 and the car noticeably "shakes", which is not felt on the steering wheel, but instead on the seat and the entire car. Since Nov. the car has been in the shop for average of 7-8 weeks. They have done pretty much everything - including changing the drive shaft and completely "reprogrammed" the shifting etc. and nothing has helped. I do love this car but it is becoming annoying and a major pain. I try to drive so I don't feel it but it's hard when it's in that speed range. I am waiting to see what BMW has planned and will keep you updated. My dealer admits there is a concern and is trying to get it resolved. We'll see.. But I will take this as far as I need to.
Originally Posted by bonzamonza View Post

I am in Australia and I have a 740Li with the same issue. I run the 20'wheels and BMW have tried 3 sets, balanced 4 times, re rolled the rims, still same issue. It has had over 4 weeks in the shop and I am so embarrased. We have owned 13 BMW from M3's, M5 and everything in between. The dealer knows there is an issue but BMW Australia tell us it is a characteristic of the car!!! Well this is a load of bull. We are so dissapointed with the "Premium BMW"It has become everything NON BMW we have ever known. My father says there is nothing we can really do about it but it is really pissing me off. I have sent a link to this forum to the dealer and I am not leting this one go. I didn't buy a cheap Korean car I bought the top of the line BMW and are getting treated like crap. Let me know anyone else if you have had a similar problem and how you have fixed it! We have tried 18"wheels and it was the same.

I was a devoted BMW fan but not anymore. They don't deserve our business.

Originally Posted by peskas View Post
I just got my 2009 750Li with sport package back from the dealer for the second time on Friday. I must say that I was very pessimistic about whether or not they would actually be able to find anything wrong based on what I've been reading. However, after a 2 day software update that included transmission program changes, the car no longer vibrates when shifting at 30 and at 40 mph. It also doesn't hesitate or get the jerking to-and-fro motion at constant speeds anymore. They even had a BMW technician drive the car with me, and they had a representative from the BMW corporate offices following the problem with me. They also offered me new tires at no cost which would have replaced the Pirelli's with Goodyears. I declined this offer (for now) as I think the Pirelli's are fine. From what I've read, any run flat tire will have some issues when cold after not being driven for a while. To my suprise, the car is performing flawlessly. They really fixed it!!! The tires seem fine with no detectable shimmy either...even when they are cold. This software update is new, so I hope it helps everyone who has had the same problem finally get some satisfaction. The car really is a dream when it's running perfectly.
Thanks so much for all your fantastic input and encouragement. My deep apologies for not getting back to any of you for the past few weeks. As you are all aware my city is hosting the 2010 Winter been really busy. Thinking of my car in the shop(113 days and counting!) puts me bad mood .


Talked to the service manager few weeks ago 2/8/2010 and he apolgized for all the delays and thanked for my incredible patience.
He informed that b/c some other 750i's have similiar vibration issue to some extent it is a non fixable repair!?!?!? Of course I told him that it is not acceptable...period. I recently test drove the 750Li and it is smooth. BMW responded: "sir...that is a not the same car b/c it is built on a different platform/chassis, so not fair to compare". HUH??? In fact the demo that was provided on my original test drive the day I took delivery was an 750Li and was clearly told that it is the exact same car but only 6"shorter and will drive the exact same. Obviously it does not. Regardless, isn't it reasonable to expect that an 750i should drive as smooth as 3 or 5 series?

The service manager admitted such things such as my car is exhibiting vibration/shimmy to a greater extent than others. When I asked if he would accept it if it were his car, he replied "No i would not". He said he told BMW Canada he can't fix it . He told me he would talk to BMW Canada to suggest they do a buy back or trade assist. I have no faith in BMW Canada as the last correspondence the customer rep hung up on me"thank you for your" ,when I said this is not acceptable!

Waiting patiently, the service manager finally got back to me 2.5 weeks later which was today 2/25/2010 but just left a msg. I called back but was only able to leave a msg also. Really desperately hope this gets resolved soon.
Btw I did have meeting w my lawyer few days ago. He strongly recommend I exhaust all efforts before he takes over b/c it would be more favorable in front of the courts.

Oh yes, on a side note....during the conversation the service manager said "i need to get the courtesy car back sometime soon" . I responded "how about my brand new 750i back FIXED or replaced asap?" He responded " oh yes totally understand" btw I got an x3 with no nav, bluetooth etc... . No offence x3 owners but I think I rather drive the 7 .
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