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Originally Posted by bcool View Post
Thanks again LovinM6, your words actually gave me a smile when you credit me with great patience. To me that is a great compliment.
Thanks Ian_L...that sounds like a plan.

I got some shocking stuff to share but it might be kinda of longer post so I will share very soon.

To everyone reading...I just want to say thank you for all your encouragement and great input. Kinda feel sorry that this post is of a negative nature and not of a joyful one as many of the posts are. So..I sincerely thank YOU.
Bcool absolutely no reason to be sorry. BMW should be sorry... NOT you at any stretch of the imagination. Seems like that most of us especialy myself are really appreciative that you are sharing this unfortunate experience.

As Asaseaben wisely stated, no one should have to pay for a premium car as it sits in the shop with no fault of their own. I really starting to wonder why on earth BMW will not own up or man up also. Is this another denial/conspiracy like Toyota? Hmmmm. Sure smells like it.

Obviously lot of happy owners with flawless cars out there but dang this is a nightmare indeed. 4 months in the shop now? PLEASE hang in there and please give us that update. I also concur BMW 100% should give you a new car and full compensation of the crap you have to go thru!

Hope you enjoy the gold medal game as I am (writing this during 2nd period intermission): Canada 2 USA 1 end of 2nd!!
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