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I had the great luck of being on the side of I-75 in Atlanta last night during a snowstorm because something went wrong with my coolant system. While driving I saw steam escaping out the back of the car. At first it seemed like just exhaust escaping in cold weather but then it increased in seconds to a cloud of steam. I quickly darted over to the side of the road and turned off the car. Then, when I checked under the hood I saw a splitting belt and a bit of melting rubber around the waterpump/fan clutch. So, I was pretty sure it was the Waterpump, but on hindsight I question the fan clutch too.

But neither bothered me as much as the dealership-recommended tow truck driver who decided it was best to DRIVE my car onto the flatbed. I was in shock, but realized it was like screaming at the chef before he's done making your meal. You could make it worse. So I drove quietly with him to the dealership biting my lip the whole time and thinking "at least he only has to coast it down off the back now." Oh no, he decided once he had it lowered that it was blocking another car, so HE STARTS IT UP AGAIN AND DRIVES ROUND THE CORNER TO A PARKING SPOT.

At this point I was furious and laid into him while the front desk assistants from the now-closed BMW service area watched. I made certain of this because I needed witnesses. He was originally rude, then 10 minutes later called to apologize. I'm a fair man, so right now I am going to describe to the service area what he did, but not yet go into detail on how he acted. But if anything else was impacted by this I'm gonna go nuts on this guy and the dealership for recommending him.
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