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Originally Posted by dixiebimmer View Post
I'm sorry Brit, but I disagree with you on this one. We don't have ghettos where I live, so I have no reference to go by.

Lowering a E24 M6 in the front by 1" is a very minor amount considering that most aftermarket sport springs available lower it by 1.25 to 2.00 inches. In fact, I will still be able to use the Bilstein HDs that are currently on the car.

Most E24s that have had the SLS removed, have a slightly "nose high" look from the side view.

Now, back to that "Ghetto" thing..............

Jim Daniel
well around here all the wanna-be's cut their springs because they cannot afford to properly modify the suspension...and I am sure there are ghetto's in atlanta - there are ghetto's everywhere - don't succumb to cheap sh!t mod's dude you have a nice car treat it that way! I would save the pennies and get something nice that will last you

oh and save up for repair to the front air dam because you are probably going to start smacking it on every little curb and drive way once it is lowered lol - mine is not even lowered and it's nearly impossible to get through some stuff without a little scraping up there - the car is just long in the front...pretty annoying!

good luck in whatever you decide!
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