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Hey Guys and Girls:

I appreciate your suggestions and commentary. However, what I want to achieve has nothing to do with money or altering my front end geometry. This is my 3rd E24 in the last 10 years (my first M6). Installing aftermarket suspension setups on my previous 6's s (including the brands you mention) has given me plenty of experience and knowledge on what I want. The spring rates on the front of the M6 are fine, just 1" too tall for me.

The rear ride height is adjustabe by changing the lower spring perch plate height.

Lowering the front 1-1.25 inches does not alter the suspension geometry enough to be noticeable or relevant. A 2' inch lower stance, which I don't recommend for this car, does generally require a camber adjustment of some sort.

As far as the money issue, this car is one of 5 cars I own, including 2 late model Jags, an
09 Maserati, and a M-B Suv. They are all great cars, but I have a soft spot for older BMW's as I bought my first one in 1974 (a 2002) and have owned 17 BMW's since that time.

I love forums like this; BMW owners are usually passionate about their cars!

I would make a suggestion though; before you assume that somebody is trying to be cheap or inexperienced, make sure you know the person first.
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