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Originally Posted by bcool View Post
Hello Bonzamonza and everyone else.

I am writing an update in which I will try my best not to do in anger.
I got a call yesterday from BMW Autowest Service Manager telling me to come pick up my car b/c they need the courtesy car back and there is nothing more they can do.
Their conclusion is that the vibration problem is a normal characteristic of the 750i!!!
BUT at the same time admit mine has a more intense shimmy/vibration!?!??!
So...BMW wants me the customer to figure how to fix it on my own?!?!?!

Today I went to pick up my car and went on a road test with the service manager. He concurs that the vibration/shimmy is obvious and noticeable. He also admitted during the road test that as a former mechanic he feels it was a huge letdown not to be able to fix this issue.
He says now that he has delivered the car back to me, he can now fight for me with BMW Canada. Hmmmm...why not before?!?!

This one big nightmare!! But wait it gets better. I noticed that the car has over 300kms on it since I brought it in and when I asked the service manager he just looked embarrassed. He said probably went on lot of road tests. But 300kms?!?! Least of my concerns right now so let it go.
THen as soon as I get home I notice a door ding on the rear passenger side door. I called right away and l/m w the service manager. Then...later on after dinner I noticed my dvd's were missing from trunk that I had placed there to watch. I called and left message w service manager just now and asked him to tell whoever 'borrowed' my dvd's to return them BUT now I am wondering if someone took up my car for pleasure b/c things are not adding up.

Did you seek your lawyer's advise before taking the car back? Personally, i think you've made a big mistake taking the car back. The dealership DID acknowledge your car had vibration/shimmy problem and that's why they kept it in the shop for all these months. You should NOT have accepted the car untill it was fixed.

Also, you should have done a thorough inspection of your car and reported any damages/missing items, etc to the manager/foremen and refuse taking the car back untill the damage has being fixed and/or your missing items return.

I'm afraid the manager lied to you. He had a better chance fighting for you when the car was in his possession than now that it is in your possession.

You really need to sit down with your lawyer and straighten things out because now that you've taken the car back it is assume that you're satisfied with the condition the car is in.

If the dealership wanted their loaner back that bad, you could've jump into a rental and tell the dealership to either fix your car or replace it. You'll not accept the car untill the acknowledge vibration/shimmy problem has being fixed.

I don't mean to jump on you or be hash but i hate when people take advantage of nice people like you. The dealership and the rest of BMW reps recognized you were patient and kind so they ran over you.

Unless you have prove of your DVDs being in the car at the time you drop it off, i doubt you can win this one.

300kms is a lot of miles just for testing but looking at how long the car has being in the shop i can see the dealership making a justification for this.

You NEED to make this a legal issue in order for BMW HQs or BMW NA or NHSB or whomever the big people are to be aware of this problem.

If all these TOYOTA drivers have being nice and patient as you have being i don't think TOYOTA would've own up to any of these major issues.

Please fight on behalf for the rest of F01/02 owners having these vibration problems.

Good luck and may the gods be with ya
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