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03 745Li - Warning lights galore!!

Hello all, Imnew to this forum but have been reading other bimmer owners posts and im going through it right now!! I just bought a 745li 2003 about 3 months ago. 2 days after i bought my car the whole dash went blank the car kept going but the when everything came back on all the warnings ever imagined came up, dynamic drive inactive trans failsafe driver restraint tire pressure monitor malfunction all of em!! I take it back to the dealer he keeps it for 2 weeks then says he fixed it.I picked up the car from the shop as imdriving away immediately I get the tire pressure monitor,left lowbeam and and drivers restraint I continued drive then switching from 3rd to 4th gear the car starts revving really high and goes into transmission failsafe mode,Damn!I pull over turn the car off start it and tranny failsafe goes away but still all the other errors including dynamic drive. I take it back to the non bmw dealer i bought it from and he says its a master solenoid kit. he then charges me 1100 and keeps it for another 2 weeks while in the shop he says the alternator went bad. I had it rebuilt and put back in that $1033 is a bit much for a new one! I get it back from the shop again an hour later dynamic drive inactive then it goes into transmission failsafe again! wow! I take her home park next morning car is completely dead I jump the car and it starts but as soon as i took the cables off it lost power so immediately Im thinking alternator. I took the car to an indy bmw repairer this time and the tech said it was an alternator, battery and some wire short in the car. so it takes a week but finally i got my car back this past friday he replaced alternator battery and fixed some wire short the guy immediately told me its got a computer related problem, Like it needs a reset when i came to pick it up. but now its showing dynamic drive inactive all the other errors minus trans failsafe and has a new problem of surging when idle,either in park or at a stop light. earler tody it almost acted as if it was going to cut off.!! Ive spent quite a bit of dough just trying to fix this car Im almost tempted to just give it back no warranty sadness!! could it be my power module?
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