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Unhappy X3 electrical problems... PLEASE HELP

I have a 2005 X3 with about 50k miles and about 2 months ago I started having electrical problems. 1st it started with my inside lights flickering on and off, and my radio shutting off. The inside lights flickered for a couple of days then stopped, but my radio still ocassionaly shuts off. Then I noticed that my outside lights wouldnt work when on auto, but worked fine when I manually turned them on. My seat & steering warmer, and back windshield wiper no longer work as well.

My car is no longer under warranty with Bmw, but I do have a third party warranty that covers eletrical problems. So I took it into Bmw last thursday. After 6 days of having my car they still dont know what the problem is. So finally they called me today saying they think they know what the problem is (what do you mean think). They claim it appears someone spilled something on the passenger side and its all over the wires because there very sticky, and since it appears to be a spill most likely my warranty wont cover it. So for them to finish diagnosing the problem its going to cost me $750, and thats not including whatever the cost is to fix this unknown problem.

This just sounds like a bunch of BS to me, I would think the wires wouldve been the 1st place they looked especially since they said these wires run into everything im having problems with. It took them 6 days to find this???
So needless to say im picking my car back up with the same promblems it had when I dropped it off. And on top of that I have to pay them $100.00 for the diagnostics when they didnt even actually tell me what the problem is.

Sorry for the loooonng post, but can someone please help me. Do you think what their saying makes sense?? (mind you I dont recall anyone spilling anything in my car). Does anyone know someone in the Northen NJ area that deals with bmw electrical problems???
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