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Thank you everybody for positive reviews!

Originally Posted by GCoop View Post
Just for reference I'll post up some of the information I found when researching whether Dexron VI was now appropriate for the GM 5L40E tranny. As some may have already discovered, Cadillac uses the 5L40E transmission in some of the 1999-? CTS models and GM says Dexron VI is now appropriate for them as it is backwards compatible with the Dexron III original fill.

What many folks dont know is that just because GM chose the same name for the BMW/CTS transmissions (5L40E) doesnt mean that they are the exact same transmission. Refer to the attachments for the specific examples.

What I was never able to conclude with taking the specific differences into account is whether the Dex VI would then indeed be recomended by GM for the BMW 5L40E. More than likely it would be just fine (As BMW has superceded the original ETL-8072 part # with a Dexron VI part #) but would it be preferred to the original fill? That is the question.*Note: I ended up going with the Castrol Import Multivehichle ATF for my fill and drain refill cycles as it meets the ETL-8072b spec.

Obviously we can obsess about this to no end but as Starless has shown -- For peice of mind you can not go wrong with what was put in there originally.

The next question will be what do for peice of mind when we can no longer get the original fill anywhere?
Good info, GCoop. I was just on the amsoil web site and had an idea regarding if the original fill is not available anymore...They (amsoil) do not recommend flushing machings because when they are used technicians often just use the machine without dropping the pan and cleaning all the gunk, then they flush and what I think can happen is the gunk can not bypass the filter obviously and clog the filter (and if it goes past the filter it's even worse), the flow rate of oil diminishes and the tranny can not function properly and soon goes kaput. Probably if you clean the pan first then do the flush it'll be ok, probably. In which case you can use other oils...Just a crazy thought...

Originally Posted by Jared@EACTuning View Post
Nice DIY!

The Amsoil ATF meets those specs. ETL-7045E, ETL-8072B & N402
Amsoil ATF
The problem I see here is the same oil conforms to many other specs including Dex 3 and BMW says it's a no-no to mix. Can you really please all with one oil? (Rhetorical question)

Originally Posted by Jared@EACTuning View Post
That's actually interesting...I did not see those oils before. If they are specifically made to conform only to 8072B, then it sounds better to me than Amsoil fluid...

Originally Posted by smolck View Post
Great stuff! Really nice DIY's you do man!

I guess the only thing you forgot was the post op drive, how does it feel?
Thank you for reminding! I was gonna add that...transmission is shifting really well and smoothly, but it had been shifting the same way before. It was more of a preventative maintenance rather than a fix. It still works! That's good!

Originally Posted by Dahammer View Post
Excellent DIY and you couldn't have posted it at better time for me. I to have the same tranny in an '03 325i and have been trying to decide what fluid to use for the change. It's not a cost issue with me, I just want to use the right fluid. I have so far been unable to find the original fluid anywhere. Tischer BMW lists the new part number (83220397114) that has apparently superseded 83220024359, but that is Dexron VI, not the original fluid. I don't have anyway of removing all of it, so I'd prefer to go back with exactly what's in it. Does anyone have an online source for the 83220024359 fluid?
Dahammer, call the dealerships in your neck of the wood! They are the only source of the original oil. Hopefully they'll have some left in stock!
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