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Post DIY - guibo joint / flex disc / universal joint replacement procedure thread

Feeling some drivetrain/shifting slack - and my car being at 138K miles and 8-ish years old - I figured I'd go ahead and replace my guibo joint / flex disc / universal joint. I haven't yet seen any pictures on doing this yet, so I figured I'd go ahead and do it / post pictures.

The basic procedure is:
  1. Drop exhaust system
  2. Drop heat shields
  3. Drop transmission mount
  4. Drop driveshaft (CV joint at rear, center mount, then guibo joint)

So far I have the exhaust system down and the heat shields off. Had to take the car down to shut the garage door, but will hopefully have it in the air again and finish in the next few days.

Because the space in which I chose to do this is limited, I'm going to make an attempt to skip #3 and replace the guibo joint without dropping the transmission mount. Stay tuned for updates.

See pictures / procedure --> here.
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