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Originally Posted by LvdB View Post
I'm just thinking in general here. Are there not different engine idle speed settings and/or automatic throttle inputs for the different gear positions (for example, D or R might have a different setup compared to N, or even P). I have noticed variations in engine idle speeds in AT vehicles even when switching from N straight to P (and these are both selections that pose no resistance to engine power). If that is the case, then might it not be possible that the system is giving the engine an incorrect idle setting when D or R is selected (with the foot on the brake pedal and no throttle input from the driver). Software problem perhaps? Dunno, also first time I hear of this...
Well... you are somehow right. I am not very familiar with how the Tiptronic transmition actually works but it feels like the transmission is not aware of the brake being pressed at all. It tries moving the car and ... surprise, surprise, ... the car is not moving because of the brakes. Then it gives up for a split second after which it tries again moving the car. This goes in a cycle.

Thanks for the post.
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