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Originally Posted by madurodave View Post
I thought the same thing.
Let us know the outcome.
This is the firat I have seen on this for BMW.
I will be glad to let you guys know the outcome as I'll be happy having an outcome. Nothing on the horizon so far though...

Originally Posted by AzNMpower32 View Post
Does it only happen when the steering is turned? Generally it's not good to hold the power steering at the bumpstop for extended times since it puts strain on various drivetrain parts but if it occurs even when the steering angle isn't as severe, it is likely another problem.
Well, at first I had it asociated with the steering being fully turned and, although I agree it is not good to hold power steering at bumpstop position, this is still not a normal behavior. Last time it actually happened while I was stopped on the side, dropping my wife off for work and heading to the delaer to leave the car for service. Once I'm clear to move, I switch from N to D (No R involved this time and no steering at bumpstop position). The same shaking, go, wait - brake is pressed, now go, no, hold on - brake is still pressed - engine dies. I was actually embaressed as people were looking at me like what the hell is this guy doing...

Originally Posted by AzNMpower32 View Post
How quickly do you shift from D to R? Does the shaking only occur once the transmission lever is in R? I also assume that the vehicle is completely stationary before changing gears, right?
Well, I do not switch too quick from D to R or any other way and yes, the vehicle is completely stationary and the brake is down.

Thanks for the post.
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