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Originally Posted by dwm View Post
Yes, just don't crank up the audio in the car. It will get quite warm if asked to deliver 7A for a long period (say 8+ hours). The only consequence I've seen is that the paint on the bottom of the enclosure will lose its adhesion. Of course mine is always on the floor which contributed to the paint loss (dragging it around on concrete).

The 7A capability combined with its splash-proof enclosure is one of the reasons I prefer it. I just leave it connected almost all of the time, whether I'm working on the car or not. If I spill something on it (I spilled coolant on mine), I just wipe it off; I can't say that about my Battery Tender Plus. Deltran makes a waterproof Battery Tender, but it's 5A.
I added a aluminum plate on the bottom of the CTEK with 1/2" height spacers.
Was going to match the bottom of the CTEK, but too much time doing it by hand.

1 each Plate 4" x 8" x 1/8" aluminum. (polished with 220 wet paper)
2 each Spacer 3/8" hex, 1/2" height w/ 8-32 male / female.
2 each Nut nylon lock stainless.
2 each Screw 8-32 1/2" counter sink stainless.

Back on the garage floor doing its thing.


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