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K1300S vs. Multistrada 1200

Per the title, I am debating on purchase of either of the above bikes. I understand the new MS isn't out yet, but for those of you who have experience with the K1300S, I would appreciate any feedback. I have done as much research as I can on the BMW and it's my understanding from other forums that most of the outstanding issues have been fixed (i.e. stalling, etc)

I really think the Ducati will be a groundbreaking bike with all of it's features, but it will also cost me about 2-2500K more (based on how i want it equipped and taking into consideration the deals avail on the bmw). Insurance is going to be about the same and is not a factor for me.

I have sat on both, and while riding positions are different, both are comfortable...a back to back test drive is definitely in order once the MS is out.

Any thoughts or things I should consider that maybe I haven't thought of? I would certainly appreciate it!


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