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E39 speed sensor / abs issues!! help!

Good morning all (as I assume its AM now in the US?) ,

I'm coming here for help because i've not had much luck on the bmw UK forums and hopefully this should be something quite trivial, but I just dont have much experience with bmw's.

So basically I was driving along the other day and my DSC, ABS and (!) lights, all yellow decided to come on and stay on. So i put it on the code reader I have and the error said:

Left front wheel speed sensor

So i thought, no problem thats a piece of cake. Bought the part, put it on and started the car, the lights were gone. Great I thought. Not even 200 meters down the road, I could feel the abs and dsc kicking in and interrupting my ride, I speeded up a little bit, they tried to cut in again, then all 3 lights just stayed on.

So i did a bit of investigating. Read the codes and the code now said:

Left front wheel speed sensor OR ABS Inlet valve

So I took my old sensor and put it on the right hand side of my car, just to make sure it was actually buggered, and it was, because when i read the codes again it said 'Right wheel speed sensor cable'.

And just to make sure, I put the new sensor in the side which is already OK (drivers side), and the error was gone, so the new sensor is fine.

So my question is, having replaced the sensor and now have working sensors, is it really possible for the ABS module just to die? I am assuming that the 'ABS Inlet valve' message means the module. Even when I clear the codes and drive, the ABS/Traction control seem very confused and cut in randomly!!

Any help is MUCH appreciated!
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