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Originally Posted by Adam540 View Post
my DSC, ABS and (!) lights, all yellow decided to come on and stay on. So i put it on the code reader I have and the error said:Left front wheel speed sensor
Most of us have already been down the same road you have, despite the fact you're driving on the wrong side.

The code readers are notorious for giving the WRONG readings when the ABS is involved. Almost all of us (including myself) have seen the wheel sensor implicated when it was the ABS control module all along.

There are six ways to test the wheel speed sensors, none of which involve the code reader, and the simplest of which entails a five-minute under-the-hood wheels-on-the-ground test with a digital multimeter.

Yes it's wholly possible and quite common for the ABS to "just fail". Most of us get a few days' warning with intermittencies but eventually all of us get the dreaded three-finger salute (brake, abs, and dsc lights).

I assume that's what you have. If so, then my advice is for you to read this thread, from start to finish ... which I'll summarize in the three steps below:

STEP 1: Do the 5-minute DMM test of the 4 wheel sensors; if more than one test bad, you're probably doing the test wrong; if any one tests bad, then go to the step 2; otherwise go to step 3.

STEP 2: If any one sensor tests bad, doublecheck at the wheel after cleaning them off and checking the wires visibly. If it tests bad, replace it and go back to test 1. If it tests good, then go to step 3.

STEP 3: Rebuild the ABS.

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