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Originally Posted by doru View Post
Blue, I thought that the "slice" as you call it is cut in such a way as to balance the rotor. Not to check how much life left of the said rotor. I thought once the pad wears out (if it's OEM), the rotor is pretty much toast - as in "you cannot resurface it" due to thickness limitation / piston caliper movement
Yes, the question in the referenced photo was answered in the original thread where the picture reference came from. You are right.

I was too lazy to create a NEW picture by blanking out the question (sorry for the confusion it caused).

BTW, since it was so hard to find ANY decently scientific comparison of replacement brake pads, I took the liberty of removing security from the 200-page detailed brake-pad-comparison PDFs recommended above so that I could shrink them down to the 1K limit imposed by the admins here.

I haven't read these reports in years but IIRC, an important criteria was matching the fronts and the rears with respect to brake pad materials.

They tested the Hawkheads; but not the Axxis Deluxe Advanced nor the Axxis Ultimates or Akebono Euro Ceramics. They didn't even test the original OEM Jurid 187 (front) & OEM Textar T4071 (rear).

If anyone can find a SCIENTIFIC (please!) comparative report on any of those most-recommended pads, I would be very happy to see it before I go and buy my next brake pads (my red brake light is on at the moment).

PS: (I wish the moderators would allow me 1.5K; it would make it sooo much less work to post useful PDFs which get removed off the Internet in their original places).
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