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Update on my 09 X5 DEF experience...............I picked up my truck yesterday and before I paid anything asked the service advisor just how much DEF had been added. At first he said a half gallon and that the cost was $104. I told him I would not pay $104 for a half gallon of anything!! Then he relooked it up on his computer and said, Oh, it doesn't really say how much DEF was added." Then he just shrugged it off and said that the cost was $104. Being as I was enroute to another appointment and knowing in the back of my head that this was not something I would have to worry about bringing back to them for in the future, I paid the $104 and left saying, I hope I don't have to come back to see you anytime soon........and was out the door. Well on my way home, later that night, the warning again came on!! I have called the service advisor and told him of that and he said to bring it back in and he would have the technician take a look at it. I am going to give him a call back and this time insist on finding out how much DEF fluid was put in. I looked at my receipt and see that they charged me $43.54 for the DEF and charged me $57.50 for labor. I am mad!!! I am going to try the start and restart evolution and see if that clears the warning. Wish me luck, I'm going back to get some answers..................
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