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Originally Posted by Jason5driver View Post
I am more concerned with the braking power/ braking torque being better than the OEM brakes (Jurid front pads, and Textar rear pads).

The OEM brakes are already amazing as is (stock).
If I am replacing the OEM stuff, it BETTER be an improvement over the OEM stuff!
I guess the question is what constitutes an improvement in braking. I only say this because there is much discussion and confusion regarding what constitutes "good braking".

Braking capability is typically expressed as braking distance. The shorter, the better. In the old days (pre-ABS), minimizing braking distances depended on driver input to modulate the brake pedal to prevent skidding. However, nowadays, everyone can apply maximum brake pressure but just hammering the brake pedal and letting the ABS modulate the brake pressure. This is why I said: "which raises the question that shouldn't braking distance be equal, irrespective of pad type, with the use of ABS as you just need to lock them up (which every brake system should do". However, braking capability also includes tire grip in the equation as well as any brake mods (BBK, etc). Nearly every braking system is capable of locking up your wheels at virtually any speed if your ABS is turned off. The ABS prevents wheel lockup so it ultimately controls the amount of braking pressure applied to the brake rotor. Therefore, if your tires are the same and you just hammer the brake pedal, shouldn't your ABS modulate the braking "power" such that you will not lock the brakes and your braking distance should not change, irrespective of type of pads? I don't know the answer to this but logically, this makes sense. If this is true, then brake pad type really makes little difference wrt minimizing braking distance. But this only applies to maximum braking situations. For overall braking performance, I totally agree with you that the OEM pad sets are great for brake bite and feel. However, I cannot quantify those judgements. The vast majority of our braking, whether track or street, is done at less than maximum braking power (ABS not engaged). Hence, what you are really saying is you want to maximize the subjective intangibles of brake bite or that linear feel and not raw braking power, which is really governed by the ABS.
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