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We have not had the oil changed yet. The oilservice indicator has not lit up yet. So this incident with the DEF has occured prior to any scheduled maintenance. I called the parts dept at the dealership and asked how much their DEF was. They told me $44 for 2.5 gal. My receipt from the dealership reflects this amount but my service advisor was not able to tell me how much DEF they had to replace. I called him back today and told him again that i want to know how much DEF they put in my vehicle. He had initially told me that they put .5 gal in and i told him that I was not going to pay over $100 for them to put .5 gal in. Then he looked back at his computer, assumedly looking at my vehicles records and then stated that he really couldn't tell how much they had refilled it with. This took place yesterday when I picked up my vehicle and today since my DEF warning has once again re-lit I am after them for more answers. I have tried the restart evolution that has worked for some others on the forum but so far it hasn't worked for me. In fact as soon as I insert the "key" it starts dinging at me to alert me of the warning. I will continue to try and see if this resets but also plan on getting answers from my service adviser. I feel like he is trying to play "nice guy" with me without really wanting to give me the information i am looking for. I'm usually pretty patient and easy to deal with, BUT I expect to be treated fairly and will go after who ever I have to to get my X5 right.....

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