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Originally Posted by Funf Dreisig View Post
Those charges are roughly the price of the small (approx. 1/2 gal) owner DIY approved, no-spill DEF container and 1 hour of a BMW tech's time to walk over to parts, gab with the parts guy for awhile, saunter back to your X5 and empty the container in the small tank -- IOW approx. 15min of real work to pour about a half gal of way-over-priced BMW brand DEF into your 35d

To put this in perspective, you (or your mechanically spouse) could have filled all 6.5 gals of DEF using Cummins brand DEF for under $50 parts + the trip to a Cummins shop and about an hour of your/his time.

Funf Dreisg

p.s. The 2.5 gal DEF container looks like a rectangular water jug, has a simple screw off lid (similar to a Cummins brand container) and would require a funnel and some patience to avoid spilling. OTOH the aprox. .5 gal owner DIY approved container looks like a big bowling pin and has a fancy nozzle/connector that is spill proof and overfill proof.
Definately my first mistake was to jump the gun and panic seeing the warning come up and took it in for evaluation....I should have just brought the truck home and logged on to this forum and read up on my options. Since it was already in the shop and the work (all 15 min of it probably) already done, we had written it off as $109 lesson and planned on doing our own DEF refills as needed, but then the warning indicator went off again on my way home later that same evening....I'm not real happy with my SA right now.....BTW, we currently own 3 diesel vehicles and my husband does all the maintenance on our other two, a 1995 Dodge truck with over 500K miles on her and a 2005 VW Jetta with over 200K miles on her. So something like refilling the DEF should be relatively easy I think :-) You have provided some great advice and I appreciate all of it! Thanks

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