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Originally Posted by thr33dviz View Post
Whitey- I am having the dealer confirm or deny the Superchip the week after next. There were a few 3L V8's made from my understanding( or lack of) on the 89 530i's. Having a hard time finding good information on it due to it not being sold here in the states.all the local shops scratch theirs heads when I tell them what I have since it doesn't show up in their databases. They keep asking if its a 525 or 535 then I tell no its a 530.They get this look on theirs faces.So I will post the outcome after the dealer does the once over.

BmwMan92- Lets see besides the audio/video system I have the DTM( no mesh) Front spoiler on its way from BavAuto( was in MD as of 1:45PM yesterday), Clear front corner / parking lights( loved Whiteys so I had to get them ), Spyder center Clear tails lights( whole kit tails and trunks). Some paint work after the spoiler goes on. Interior Blue LED kits, Multi color under body LED kit.Carbon Fiber veneering the center console wood piece. after that is all finished I don't know. Thought about Vert/Lambo door kits but that just me trying to be young again I think.had them on one of my M3's. I will get after the engine soon though.Can't leave it as is if the rest is getting attention.Don't want it to get jealous

and can't forget the Bimmerfest stickers . will look good with the SoundStream tarantulas.

Update: Spolier will be here tomorrow morning!
weird. Looking forward to hearing about this Superchip.
Do you have any interior pics?
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