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I only have a basic understanding of why CAI is mostly worthless, but the gist is that more air is not necessarily a good thing. For any given throttle position except wide open throttle, the engine only needs a certain amount of air, and the stock system is more than adequate to provide that. At wide open throttle, a CAI probably lets the engine suck in more air, but at what cost? And how much are you actually gaining, other than noise? A couple HP at most?

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That's just silly
No, what's silly is what you did to that car. You don't think you massively increased the risk of sucking up water with the filter being that low? What happens if you hit a puddle, or drive behind someone who is kicking up heavy mist? What about in the winter, not worried about snow? Eventually the filter will get saturated enough that it starts pulling in water, or during winter it could become encrusted with ice and choke the engine.

I'm all for DIY that improves a car in one way or another, but there is nothing good about what you've done here. I just hope there's enough backlash in this thread to prevent any hapless googler from trying it themselves.

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