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Originally Posted by Gotechslack View Post
My stated car is approaching 90k. Thought it would be a good idea to replace the manual trans and real diff. fluid (not sure if it has been replaced before). Called the dealer to get an estimate. They stated they do not perform this service and to call a local transmission service co.!!! So, should I tackle this myself? Not sure of the type of fluids to use. I assumed the dealer could do this and would install the recommended fluid.
They won't even do it at 90k?

Smolck on the E46 forum is right. Dealers are teh suck.

You can do this job yourself, as long as you know how to safely jack up and support a car (meaning you need 4 jack stands). The transmission uses plugs you can put a socket on, but the differential uses plugs that need a fairly sizable hex socket. And you might have to modify it. At least, this is what I have on my 2001.

If you tackle it, make sure you always remove the fill plug first. Nothing worse than removing the drain plug, only to find the fill plug seized.

For fluids, I'd go with Red Line MTL for the tranny and Redline 75W90 gear oil for the differential. You'll need a fluid pump to get the fluids in. Make sure the car is level, add fluid until it spills out the fill hole, plug it up, done. Each of the fills takes a bit over a liter, IIRC. Get a couple of liters each to be sure you have enough.

And don't go back to whatever dealer you went to.
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