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Originally Posted by mrpumpk1n View Post
hey mark i have a question. im always paranoid about my car's head gasket, and i do have a very slow coolant leak. (regardless of how much i drive, or if i drive at all, it loses around a quart or less over 6 weeks, so i think its the radiator cap. the car is sitting right now and il be doing a complete overhaul in the next month). i did get the cooling system pressure tested and it held pressure for 15 minutes or so (thats when the mechanic ended the test). so if the cooling system was able to hold the pressure, should i stop worrying all the time for head gasket issues? [only reason i worry so much is because the PO did a HORRIBLE job at taking care of this car]
If your tech says it's holding pressure for 15 minutes I would say chances are good that you do not have a significant leak. I have a 97 540i at the shop here that needs head gaskets. When yours go you will know. Just look for the smoke screen out tail pipe.

The e39 has so many potential places for a coolant leak that you want to really exhaust all possibilities before taking the head(s) off. Older e39 540i guys can consider doing a cooling system overhaul and valley pan which would cover most of the the common leak prone things. Look down under your intake with a flashlight and mirror for dried coolant along the sides and rear of the valley pan. We have parts lists for both the cooling system and valley pan repairs on this page:
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