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Originally Posted by Ben's 545i View Post
That's a bunch of b.s. if you ask me. Yeah changing into sport mode will hold the gear and reduce the slipping feel but the problem is still there. It's an expensive car that you shouldn't have to change into sport mode to work properly. Secondly this same tranny is in the 745 and albeit it a slight bit different its in the X5...didn't look it up but assume its in the early 6's as well. I know many in the 7 complain abou the stopping slam. Mine seemed to be like would come and go and ever happened with the tech. He drove it for days with nothing. Anyhow it did get a lot worse to the point i thought the tranny and rear end was going to fall out. Finally got bmwna to goodwill the part a few months ago and have had 0 issues since.
I've been monitoring this thread for a while. My car went in today for the second time in 2 weeks with the "hiccups" as my daughter calls them. Same hesitation between 30-40 mph as everyone else, only its slightly worse this time than last and they happen about 10 secs apart as opposed to 20-30 secs apart last time. I was getting the shifting slam also, felt like I hit a pothole and got hit from behind at the same time. The first time the car went in, they changed out the transmission sleave which was causing a fluid leak. Fixing the leak seems to have fixed the slam, but not the hiccups. I told the SA about this thread and the mechatronics issue but he so far is hesitant to ask BMW to authorize that repair and replacement. The car is under CPO so BMW will have to eat the cost - probably why they don't want to replace the part. We'll see what they come back with this time, software refresh or something else. If they can't get this fixed, I'm dumping it when CPO is up and finding a CPO 550i with a stick.
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