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Rear subframe repair results results

Hey zthreepio,

The work is done. Your prompting has inspired me to do what I said I would do, let interested parties know how things progressed.

The work is done. It was a major success. The car is now in a "perfect storm" condition; new brakes, wheels, tires, fluid lines, rear bushings and mount points, new exhaust, upgraded engine on a chip (1990 3.5 liter: zoom, zoom). It is a joy to drive.

I never realized how much torque steer I was wrestling with when the rear subframe bushings and mount points were bad. It was something I just got used to over time. If it would only have caused the tires to wear funny, I would have noticed and addressed the problem long ago, or pitched the darned money pit before I got in too deep. I hate to think of tossing a vehicle with perfect winter and summer alloy/tire sets, plus all the other goodies afore mentioned.

The body man I used did not use BMW sheet metal. He hand built what was required. My mechanic says it was good work. I inspected from below when I picked it up, but what the hell do I know? I know it tracks perfect and feels like a brand new vehicle.

I have to go now. I'll wrap this note up with a mention that I live in NH. The body guy is in VT. Ask, and I'll give his #. The cost for all the work he did was $2200. There were a lot of other things addressed. These cars are not designed for a salt environment in the long term.

I look at this vehicle as if it were an alternative for a new 5 series. What would that cost per year? Would it look as cool as my rig? I don't think so. I have a lot of wiggle room to invest on a yearly basis.


Rick Melloh
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