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After initially being told that we could not get the hitch until late June the dealer did get it's hands on one. I told them that if they could not get us a hitch until late June/early July that they we would not pay for labor even if it was not thier fault. My rationale is that our contract said that we would have our vehicle with the hitch in May. Our CA really is good and she got us a hitch by calling her contact at BMW. She told us it will be there on Monday and we are to pick up our vehicle on Tuesday. She was a bit amazed when I asked her if she was going to tell me that we will have to come back when the trim piece is available. She did agree that they will be putiing in the hitch/wiring and only cutting big enough to fit it for now. They have the dimensions for the new cutout even though it is not available and will cut the bumper to fit the trim piece once that comes in. It may not look perfect for the first month or two but at least we will have the hitch on.
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