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to zthreepio and catso

Sorry, no pics to my knowledge. I was far away from the body shop and too busy working, earning the coin to pay for the work. I tend to give a lot of trust to my mechanic and selected body man. Everything is done on a cost-plus basis. These old cars are booby traps, waiting to spring.

Here are some things I do know. My mechanic, dropped the old exhaust, broke down the old subframe, installed all the new bushings and new hand made SS fluid lines and put the subframe back on the vehicle in a solid enough state to self-transport it to the body shop. It was easy for the body man to re-disassemble the subframe and begin the work.

There was a lot more work done than just the bushing mount points. The body man was taking a run at a full restoration when my mechanic warned me and we put the brakes on at $2200. For that, I got a lot: a patch on a weak spot on the subframe hollow-body section (good call), exhaust hanger hardpoint rebuild, R&L rear wheel well arch repair, LF jack hard point rebuild, repair to the sloped floor of the driver side footwell in addition to the two layer bushing mount point fix on both sides. There may have been a few more little details done as well. The man was thorough and critical.

The vehicle could go back tomorrow and eat up another $2200, easy.

The BMW was able to self transport back to the mechanic's shop for the new SS exhaust and the some other minor mechanical repairs that were on order. By the time it was all over, there was a $4200 invoice in my hand.

Cars, you gotta love 'em.

Regarding bushings, my mechanic shys away from the harder polyurethane aftermarket bushings. He warns me they are more expensive and make the ride more harsh. The '87 535is is already a very firm ride, when everything is in order. I don't want it to ride like a truck. It's a luxury touring sedan.

We all know that frequent front end bushing replacement is normal on this vehicle, especially if one deals with rough gravel roads, washboard and potholes. The good thing is that the bushing rebuild is a relatively inexpensive and quick procedure, when done by an experienced mechanic using original spec parts. Every 20 to 30 thousand miles it has to be done, just like tires and brake jobs.

I am suspicious of some of the aftermarket "upgrades". Are they really improvements?
Stay away from the colorful aftermarket "high performance" plug wire set for this vehicle.
It looks pretty, that's all it is. My mechanic smirks at the wires and shakes his head at me. That hurts. It IS pretty. Mine are red. I'm still saving the old wires.
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